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About one or two-thirds of your teenagers on baseline survey asserted that they had been intimately newbie

The fresh Amounts eight Project got a preliminary-identity effect on two of the around three procedures of perceptions into the teenage parenthood. Multivariate study revealed that between standard and you will posttest step one, adolescents in the Levels seven Enterprise was basically decreased likely than just those in the latest comparison category to adopt this new views you to an effective adolescent lady need to have a child to prove the girl virility, otherwise you to definitely a lady their age are in control enough to getting a parent (just like the indicated of the negative coefficients towards variables “Group*Posttest step 1” and “Group*Posttest dos” for the Appendix Dining table A4). However, the latest Stages seven Venture didn’t come with a lot of time-title influence on all affairs showing parenthood perceptions.

Intercourse. Of those respondents, 17.5% of intervention classification and you may fourteen.9% of your review category claimed making love for the first time between standard and you will posttest step one. From the posttest 2, one particular intimately beginner at the standard, 23.3% of input class and you will twenty two.5% of your analysis classification said that have experienced sexual intercourse (Desk cuatro).

A couple of multivariate logistic regression activities were presented to test the brand new perception of your own Stages 7 Investment on the an enthusiastic adolescent’s odds of opening sexual activity after the beginning of the newest Degree 7 Enterprise, if you are controlling to have sociodemographic qualities or other products for the adolescent intercourse. Such patterns showed that your panels didn’t come with significant effect on more youthful kids stepping into very first intercourse, either in the new brief and/or continuous (Dining table 5).

Additional factors, although not, have been predictive out of launching sexual activity when you look at the analysis period. Guys was indeed as well as ten times likely to state that they had had sex in the long term (anywhere between baseline and you will posttest 2). Teenagers that has tried alcohol were step 1.8 moments likely to be than others to state that they had knowledgeable sexual activity in the short term, and you can dos.4 times apt to be in the long run. On top of that, kids exactly who went to chapel weekly had been 60% less likely to want to enjoys involved with earliest sexual intercourse ranging from standard and you may posttest step one than others exactly who attended chapel reduced frequently.

The means to access birth prevention. Certainly teens who basic knowledgeable sexual activity anywhere between standard and posttest 1, 45.5% of the input classification and you will 30.2% of your evaluation class advertised playing with a contraceptive approach during the very first intercourse. Certainly teens exactly who basic had intercourse anywhere between baseline and posttest 2, 39% of your intervention classification and thirty six% of research category claimed playing with contraception (Dining table cuatro).

Controlling to many other issues, guys was indeed twenty seven moments more likely than girls in order to report that have got sex between standard and you can posttest 1

Multivariate logistic regression revealed that certainly teens exactly who earliest educated intimate sex during the seventh levels (anywhere between standard and posttest step one), adolescents from the Levels 7 Endeavor was indeed more two times as most likely as opposed to those in the comparison category to use birth control (Dining table 6). 05 height, however, which have a P value of 0.08. The latest Amounts eight Investment didn’t have a critical affect accessibility birth prevention to start with sex over the long-term (by posttest dos).

This study evaluated brand new perception away from a sexuality training system, the Grade seven Investment, on the more youthful Jamaican adolescents’ initiation out of sexual intercourse and employ out of contraception in the beginning gender, additionally the education and thinking with an effect within these routines. We measured the consequences of the Degree eight Venture within end of one’s intervention (temporary) and one seasons blog post-input (lasting).

Which matchmaking fell lacking mathematical relevance within

I unearthed that this new Amount seven Project got a confident small-name impact on access to birth prevention to start with intercourse. Although this relationship decrease short of analytical relevance from the .05 height, it is value talk about because of the short test size of only 91 teens. Brand new Levels 7 Endeavor had no statistically tall effect on this new adolescents’ initiation from intercourse. But not, they got an optimistic quick-identity influence on several areas of the latest adolescents’ knowledge. The project plus influenced thinking on sexuality and you will pregnancy, possibly highlighting a sophisticated out of regard and you can regard for females.