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Kang Joo claims that’s not why, he merely doesn’t want so you’re able to get married individuals the guy cannot like

Yi Hyun requires Doo Rim in order to Jin Joo’s set and you will Yi Hyun requires Jin Joo to deal with Doo Rim. Jin Joo drags Doo Rim to the but Doo Rim is still hollering from the Kang Joo are an adverse kid and you will Yi Hyun hears this.

President Ma blames Doo Rim as the she performed result in much off problems however, Yi Hyun states Yi Kyung simply have to action directly into correct it by herself. Yi Kyung walks down and you can declares she and desires to stop brand new involvement. She believes Kang Joo is useful it absolutely was a blunder. She doesn’t want to do it more! President Ma threatens to carry Doo Rim straight back because the woman replacement if the she won’t continue the new wedding. Yi Kyung tells her to go ahead, she’s going to wed in the event the Doo Rim manages to rescue new engagement. Even better if Doo Rim would like to get married Kang Joo by herself, she will be able to wade proper ahead! Yi Hyun yells during the Yi Kyung to have stating things so preposterous.

Yi Kyung claims Doo Rim as the her replace was already preposterous and you will Kang Joo never knew the real difference. Rather than experience she would as an alternative stop the positioning. She storms of leaving Chairman Ma sure if Yi Kyung wouldn’t play baseball so they really you would like Doo Rim once more. She reminds Yi Hyun when the fresh engagement closes then its team goes broke. They need Doo Rim a lot more than ever! Yi Hyun sighs and soon after in his area he takes out the new gemstone and you will stares on they.

Jin Joo observes Doo Rim is actually weeping however, she claims she got mud in her own attention

Kang Joo’s father goes toward chat to Kang Joo and you can suggests the guy knows as to the reasons Kang Joo did it and it have to have become an arduous decision. The guy requires if the Kang Joo thinks about curse? His mommy do but he will not know as to why Kang Joo does too. The guy slices their father removed from stating any longer while there is nothing his dad can tell that can alter his attention.

Kang Joo’s dad informs the butler in order to summon a guy named Hong Son Soo because it is day he went to discover your. To possess Kang Joo’s sake the guy needs to uncover what the fresh the fact is.

Yi Hyun goes the home of give his mommy what Kang Joo said

Jin Joo discovers Doo Rim sprawled exterior and you will requires when the she actually is disappointed due to Kang Joo. Doo Rim curses your away however, Jin Joo reminds Doo Rim one the woman is just a replacement so there is no cause to help you getting troubled. Often there isn’t any cause for preference otherwise loathing individuals therefore possibly Kang Joo seems by doing this too. Jin Joo beautiful Porto alegre wives wonders in the event the Doo Rim features most fallen to own Choi Kang Joo? Doo Rim and you may Jin Joo are experiencing breakfast when Doo Rim will get a call out of Kang Joo’s dad. She’s called over to see your now and you will on time freaks away you to definitely she seems terrible once a good sleepless nights.

The two mothers is actually conference to go over Kang Joo’s engagement bomb. President Ma takes the difficult line one regardless of if the girl Yi Kyung keeps troubles but Kang Joo nevertheless cannot do this to her. Kang Joo’s mommy assures her that relationships is certainly going to the because it’s determined by the fresh elders but wants comprehension of Kang Joo’s concerns. President Ma explains if the fresh engagement is damaged the out of Korea knows and you can Yi Kyung cannot get married from inside the tomorrow. Kang Joo’s mom is definite Kang Joo is certainly going including it and you will thinks so you’re able to by herself you to the woman is become to date she can’t allow the package not work right today, if you are President Ma thinks in order to herself that Kang Joo’s mom does not understand he is moving on toward a couple of parallel paths and it’s not clear who can profit in the end.